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Dorian Esterer
Chief Executive Officer

At The FBA, we are immensely proud to be the educational partner of the AFC Academic Centre of Excellence.


Witnessing the enormous impact that ACE has on its participants - whether they come from the MAs, RAs, or other stakeholders - is impressive and testament to the tremendous efforts the AFC is doing to bring Asian football to a higher level.


And it is important to highlight that these efforts are completely aligned with The FBA's mission to educate - through best practices - the current and next generation of football leaders in order to accelerate the professionalisation of the football industry.


Following the early successes of the first few editions of the FMC and FMD, we are very excited to continue this partnership with the AFC Academic Centre of Excellence and help empower the region's football administrators across all levels to develop their full potential.


The idea of creating the FBA originated in 2015 when FIFAGate was taking place - signaling that the football industry needed to bring in more ethics and professionalism, to start cleaning up its act and foster a sustainable environment for its continued growth. A lot of emerging markets in football simultaneously started to advance their interest in building the necessary ecosystems, but in many cases lacked professional know-how and didn’t always have the appropriate programmes to cater to these needs.

Having identified that higher education would be the most effective way to teach the next generation of leaders and bring in new talent and ideas, the founding partners started research and development on an innovative  Professional Master in Football Business, which would bridge the needs of those wanting to develop a career in the football industry and those of the organisations already within it.

By focusing on Knowledge, Experience, and Network, FBA Candidates are immersed in a practical way, learning and interacting with industry experts all the time and receiving the tools and knowledge needed to break into the industry. This ensures they are better prepared to address the different challenges and opportunities that exist.

The FBA works closely with industry stakeholders, to accelerate candidate learning, as they also benefit from the different activities and networks The FBA facilitates for them. This is in part due to a careful selection process that ensures the high quality of FBA Candidates and their interactions with industry stakeholders is maintained.

Indeed, the mindset behind the importance of fostering this ‘FBA family spirit’ and ‘building the future of football together’ is an essential component for ensuring that the football industry continues to evolve judiciously, with more emphasis on ethics and professionalism and more open-mindedness towards innovation and diversity.

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