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AFC Certificate in Child Safeguarding (ACCS)

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ACCS Programme Overview

Children have the right to be safe from harm at all times, including and especially within the football environment. To help achieve this, we offer the AFC Certificate in Child Safeguarding (ACCS) programme, which consists of (3) three different courses:

  1. Insights

  2. Fundamentals

  3. Essentials


The programme will provide information about the AFC’s Child Safeguarding Policy, practices and systems in six (6) languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Persian and Russian. It is designed to equip participants with the practical knowledge they need in order to implement policies and systems to keep children safe from harm in football.

It will define child safeguarding and provide an understanding of its concepts and best practices, and why child safeguarding is important in football. 

The programme will also equip participants with the skills to identify and reduce the risk of harm to children, and to report and manage child safeguarding concerns safely and confidentially, in addition to providing guidance on the day-to-day practical applications of child safeguarding within an organisation.

This online programme welcomes independent applicants, regardless of their direct or indirect connection to football and/or the larger sporting ecosystem and in particular the AFC stakeholders as it would provide an understanding of the AFC’s child safeguarding expectations.

The details of the modules for ACCS Fundamentals and Essentials will be shared in due course.

Modules - ACCS | Insights

Module 1 - Introduction to Child Safeguarding
Module 2 - Child Safeguarding in Football
Module 3 - The AFC Child Safeguarding system
Module 4 - Reporting concerns and managing risks
Module 5 - Everyone’s Role in Safeguarding Children
Module 6 - Developing Child Safeguarding Systems

Module 7 - How to communicate child safeguarding to football stakeholders

Module 8 - Conclusions and Further Information

Other Information 

  • The ACCS is an online programme that will be delivered asynchronously (online private studies). The total anticipated study time for each participant in the ACCS Insights is approximately 145 minutes.

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Application Criteria

This programme is designed to raise awareness on child safeguarding and equip participants with the knowledge and skills to keep children safe from harm when engaged in all football activities.

  • Each Member Association (MA), Regional Association (RA) and AFC Stakeholder is encouraged to nominate staff to participate in the ACCS. They should hold a permanent position within the MA, RA, league, club or at other AFC stakeholders.

  • Independent applications for those working in or connected to the football or sports industry.

  • Highly motivated and dedicated.


Application window 

Application window is now open. Below is the Application Form for Independent Candidate.

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