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AFC Certificate in Football Leadership (ACFL)

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ACFL Programme Overview

Designed solely by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), the AFC Certificate in Football Leadership (ACFL) is an applied initiative designed to advance the development of established and emerging leaders in football with the perspective, skills, and tools they will need to continue making astute decisions in an evolving football ecosystem.


The programme guides participants through theoretical perspective, hands-on activities, real case studies and examples that intend to help graduates make better decisions that impact all functions from the front office to the pitch.


The ACFL is focused on decision-makers in the AFC MAs, RAs, and all other football stakeholders.


The six-month long online programme consists of six modules and focuses not only on the main areas of leadership principles including interpersonal skills and effective communication, but also explores the further design and development of football organisations, Environmental, Social and Governance in Football as well as project management.


The main objective of the programme is to ensure that graduates are fully equipped with the fundamental leadership knowledge that helps them manage circumstances astutely, direct their organisation’s resources for improved efficiency and the achievement of goals, provide clarity of purpose, motivate and guide their organisation to realise its mission.


Module 1 - Principles of Leadership
Module 2 - Influence and Impact Through Communication
Module 3 - Organisational Design and Development in Football
Module 4 - Environmental, Social and Governance in Football
Module 5 - A Leader’s Perspective of Football Development & Performance
Module 6 - Managing Projects in Football


Other Information 

  • Programme Duration: Six (6) months

  • Live Sessions: Five (5) online live sessions per module

  • Live Session Duration: two (2) hours

  • Language: delivered in English


Group Assessments

Online Sessions

Learning management system

Application Criteria

  • To perform a managerial (decision-making) role within AFC Member Associations or Regional Associations;

  • Or to be a graduate of the AFC Football Management Diploma (FMD) and/or the AFC Football Management Certificate (FMC) programmes;

  • Fluent command of English (written and spoken);

  • Fundamental knowledge of football management; and

  • Highly motivated and able to dedicate a minimum of 12 self-study hours a week for the duration of the programme.


Application window is now open until 1 May 2024.

Application window

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