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Tuesday, 15 August 2023

Fifth batch of AFC Football Management Certificate graduates move towards leadership excellence


Kuala Lumpur: The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) today celebrated the completion of its fifth edition of the Football Management Certificate (FMC) programme, which equips participants with the skills required to impact the game across all levels as future leaders.

This edition saw 41 participants graduate from the game-changing initiative after going through a six-month curriculum that focuses on core areas of management and uses bespoke modules to share knowledge and strengthen individual capabilities to undertake daily management operations.


To date, 180 individuals from AFC Member Associations (MAs), Regional Associations (RAs) and independent stakeholders have graduated since the first edition of the programme in October 2021. Distinguished students have since embarked on careers in the AFC, while others have made great strides within their respective MAs, RAs and the global football ecosystem.

Crucially, every participant has come away from the programme with the know-how that will prove invaluable in enabling them to set new standards of excellence to uplift the game across the globe.


The FMC features a total of 290 study hours and requires participants to attend virtual lectures and discussions, complete assessments and present business projects. Some of the nine primary modules in the curriculum include the Organisation of World Football, Strategic Management, Income Generation, Media & Communications and Child Safeguarding.


Carmelita Afonso, Child Safeguarding Officer at Federação Futebol De Timor-Leste (FFTL), noted that the modules were not only informative and well designed, but had also been professionally presented by the respective domain experts in their fields.


“I was struck by the determination and commitment of programme facilitators, and by their wealth of experience,” she said. “They brought the modules to life and helped us realise just how much a good leader needs to know to make a difference to affairs on and off the pitch.”


For Shaun Evans, a professional referee from Football Australia, going through the FMC provided him an all-inclusive body of information that ranged from recruitment and financial strategies to ensuring the sustainability of entities related to the game.


“This is the ideal start for anyone looking to advance in football administration, or in any management field,” he said. “I am also happy that the programme emphasised not only professional growth but personal as well, as the qualities needed to succeed are similar.” 


AFC Deputy General Secretary of Member Associations, Vahid Kardany, congratulated the graduates, saying: “All of you are ready to be part of the AFC’s Mission to provide beneficial services to maximise the potential of our MAs, RAs and the Asian football community.


“I urge you to use the knowledge you’ve gained to fulfil your aspirations. Add to what you have taken away from the FMC and apply a critical eye to issues that will enable you to meet your potential while pursuing actions in a transparent, professional and rationale manner.”

The FMC was introduced under the AFC Academic Centre of Excellence (ACE), an online platform launched in September 2021 and founded on the Confederation’s core values of excellence, innovation and passion for football education.

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