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General Secretary's Message

AFC General Secretary

Dear football family,


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the AFC Academic Centre of Excellence. 

The AFC will introduce new programmes under our Academy. To begin with, in 2021, we are pleased to introduce two online programmes - the AFC Football Management Certificate (FMC) and the AFC Football Management Diploma (FMD). 

These new programmes represent a progressive step as we strive to develop the future leaders of Asian football. It will equip our Member Associations (MAs), Regional Associations (RAs) and football stakeholders with the strategic and administrative competencies needed to elevate Asian football to even greater heights in the long term.

In all aspects of life, learning holds the key to progress and education presents a pathway to success. A world-class Confederation requires strong MAs and RAs. Developing our MAs and RAs remains a key area of focus for Asian football as we seek to transform our aspirations into reality.

The range of development programmes that the AFC provides to enhance our MAs, RAs and stakeholders has grown rapidly in recent years. I am pleased to note that the FMC and FMD will emphasise key aspects of the football industry that will include the Organisation of World Football, International Sports Federations, Strategic Management, Financial Management, Income Generation, Media and Communications, Event Management, Operational Management, Human Resource Management, Child Safeguarding, Social Responsibility, Sports Law and Club Licensing.

In every way, we are placing the needs and demands of our MAs, RAs and stakeholders at the heart of the programme.

The FMC and FMD have been intentionally designed to nurture a football-specific skill set and build industry knowledge, enabling future leaders to plan, execute and monitor the day-to-day operations in all aspects of football management.

Many football professionals are keen to acquire these skills, expertise and knowhow, and this energy will bring Asian football to a higher level. We assure them that we will continue, through this Academy, to support them in achieving our goals together. I look forward to seeing you on our virtual campus soon.

Datuk Seri Windsor John
AFC General Secretary

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