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Thursday, 17 March 2022

Pioneering AFC FMC graduates inspired to elevate Asian football standards


Kuala Lumpur: The Asian Football Confederation (AFC)’s commitment towards establishing a high-performing workforce within the Asian football family by nurturing the future leaders of tomorrow was further strengthened today with the conclusion of the inaugural AFC Football Management Certificate (FMC) programme.

As underlined through the AFC’s Vision and Mission, the FMC represents the Confederation’s ambitions to enhance the capability of its Member Associations (MAs) and Regional Associations (RAs) through customised and dedicated services and is the first education programme to come to fruition under the AFC Academic Centre of Excellence (ACE), which was launched in September 2021.


Over the past five months, a diverse talent pool representing all five of the AFC Zones were offered the unique opportunity to benefit from a structured and comprehensive capability building centric curriculum, which comprised 290 hours of study conducted virtually.

Reflecting on her time, Rebecca To, Human Resources Coordinator at Football Australia hailed the impact of the FMC in cultivating the skill sets required to manage day-to-day football administration and operations and to spearhead greater professionalism across the Asian football landscape.

She said: “The FMC has been instrumental in providing me with a tailor-made toolbox of skills, competencies and dynamic reference points to carry a more global mindset when approaching my work whilst at the same time keeping firmly in mind, the Asian context.

“At the same time, through the interactions with my peers, it also gave me the exposure to understand the different approaches to football development and the ways in which we can leverage on the strengths of others to grow more systematically across the Continent.”

Designed together with the Football Business Academy (FBA), the AFC’s academic partner, the FMC’s core modules include the Organisation of World Football, Strategic Management, Financial Management, Income Generation, Media & Communications, Event Management, Operational Management, Human Resource Management and Child Safeguarding.

Meanwhile, International Relations Manager at the Bahrain Football Association Khadija Moosa is inspired at utilising the FMC as the springboard to pursue the AFC Football Management Diploma (FMD) programme, which was the second education initiative launched under the AFC ACE in November last year for middle, future senior and higher management members of the AFC’s MAs and RAs as well as independent stakeholders.

She added: “The FMC provided a conducive environment that facilitated individual and group learning, which encouraged both independent thought and the importance of teamwork.

“The enriching curriculum, highly qualified and approachable professors as well as constructive and engaging dialogues are just some of the reasons why I am determined and inspired to continue my learning journey through the AFC ACE.”

Likewise, Dana Al-Noaimi, Executive Director of Legal Affairs at Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy said: “The programme has been instrumental in my growth both as a professional and an individual. I have learned so many fundamental lessons and the takeaways have already been insightful. The FMC has given me a wider view and experience that I can bring to my daily work. Thanks to the AFC Academic Centre of Excellence for this incredible journey.”

The first-ever FMC was launched on October 25, 2021, before the second edition was introduced in January 2022. Prospective students keen on embarking on both the AFC ACE programmes – the FMC and FMD.

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